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Enekio, products and energy efficiency solutions

Enekio, the Intelligent energy efficiency Solution allows overall energy consumption management and energy bill controlling and reducing. The provided technical solution is used to control, monitor, maintain and manage consumption throughout the existing infrastructure to transform it into a positive-energy infrastructure and building.

Enekio meet your needs through these domains :

L'efficacité énergétique image représentative des énergies positives

Energy Efficiency

Development and deployment of innovative solutions to process, to inform and remotely manage environmental energy problematics of existing industrial infrastructre and communities, this in a strategic international context.

L'éclairage public, représentation de l'éclairage public et présentation des économies d'énergies produites.

Street Lighting

Enekio implements solutions to meet these challenges. They achieve a reduction target up to 75% of electricity consumption. To achieve this goal ENEKIO has developed an innovation acting on several axes.

Systèmes et solutions d'Enekio.

Our Systems and Solutions

Genuine response to the needs of energy expenditure controlling without constraining the growth of client activity. A vision of the appropriate issues for each sector (Industry, tertiary, institutions...) but also to each geographic specificity.